Job: Buildings & Grounds Support

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Job Summary:

Maintains all refinery buildings outside of the process area, company housing, company park, landscaped areas, adjacent roads, parking lots, heaters, coolers, office supplies, water, and department vehicles. Oversees and acts as a liaison to contractors on site working on facilities issues.

* Performs maintenance and repairs on refinery buildings and company housing. Troubleshoots and performs minor repairs on air conditioner and heating units. Maintains evaporative coolers and performs plumbing and sewer maintenance. Replaces ballasts in fluorescent lights, maintains salt levels and ensures water softener systems are functioning properly for the Refinery Housing area. Troubleshoot and repair domestic water pump skid through the control panel in the Refinery Housing Area.
* Maintains the company homes and offices by performing general maintenance and repair including removal and installation of appliances, paint, trim, doors, windows, driveways, decks, etc.
* Maintains the company housing area, park, roads, landscape including removing weeds, tree limbs, and maintaining lawns of vacant houses, and removes debris and trash.
* Removes litter and empties trash bins from parking lots and around buildings. Removes snow from sidewalks and streets to ensure safe driveways and walking during winter months. Removes mud and debris from the walkways and drainage areas to ensure flow of water.
* Is responsible for overseeing the work of contractors ensuring completion and accuracy; issues permits as necessary, including but not limited to plumbing, weed and pest control, and HVAC. Assists in the coordination and planning of office moves; transports and assembles office furniture ensuring no damage is occurred when moving or assembling furniture.
* Performs preventative maintenance and repairs on the sanitary lift stations. Includes troubleshooting the performance of the pumps at the control panel, using a truck crane to lift pumps from the well, replacing capacitors and pumps, as necessary. Using tractor, repairs dikes and plows/tills/fertilizes to help maintain the non hazardous land farms.
* Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

Minimum Requirements:

* High School Diploma or GED and Vocational or specialized training plus 1 year experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
* Must be HAZWOPR certified within twelve (12) months of date of hire.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

* Mathematical skill to count, copy, and record figures.
* Skilled in operating various power and pneumatic tools and equipment, such as saw, drill, press, backhoe, jackhammer, paint gun, and forklift.
* Knowledge of and skilled in using computer for inquiry purposes only to look up, retrieve, input or send data and print standard reports or spreadsheets developed by others.
* Written communication skill to fill out routine forms and records.
* Oral communication skill to give, receives, or exchange information with co-workers.
* Interpersonal communication skill to work effectively with others in order to coordinate activities and complete assigned tasks.
* Ability to plan and schedule activities normally completed within a one-day time frame.
* Ability to read and understand simple instructions and short memos.
* Ability to identify routine problems and situations that require a decision.
* Ability to provide a high level of customer service to employees by responding to requests in a courteous manner and on a timely basis.
* Ability to work effectively with general supervisory guidance. Operating guidelines, standard procedures, or written manuals are utilized.
* Must meet company insurability requirements.

The ideal candidate will be:

* A hands on worker who has general experience in residential maintenance.
* Has outstanding work ethic and is extremely dependable and reliable.
* Maintains confidentiality at all times.
* Understands work scope and tasks completed by contractors and ensures they meet the company standards.

* High School Diploma or GED and Vocational or specialized training plus 1 year experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
* Must be HAZWOPR certified within twelve (12) months of date of hire.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled


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